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Anonymous asked:

This is your chance to get something off your chest, tell someone something that you'd never tell them otherwiseIf you're nervous, just do it! You'll feel so much better afterwardsPass this on to 10 people GO!

Right okay…..I need to know what you’re thinking
You don’t understand what this whole situation has done to me
Whether it’s the fact that we’re done or that you’d like to try again, I just really need to know….. It’s killing me!
I’m not someone who speaks about my problems a lot but right now, I feel I need to speak to someone who can help
But you said you didn’t want anyone to know so what am I supposed to do?
I’m usually really good at hiding my feelings but tonight someone pulled me aside and asked what was up and said they could see it in my eyes
Don’t worry I didn’t say anything to then even though I really wanted to
Dance is always my fall back when shit happens but it’s got to the point where not even dance is taking my mind off things and making me feel better
Please can we sort this out

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